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Wallace and I have created mentoring programs that allow us to put together combinations of programs specifiic to your needs and wants. No matter if you're a Newbie or a seasoned Pro we can put a program together that will be unique to you. The video below outlines all of our various  programs. Our process for entering our programs is very simple. Simply click on the Mentoring Application at the bottom of this page and fill that form out completely and hit the submit button and Wallace will be in touch with you to go over the programs and discuss pricing and put a program together that will be just for you. The application process is FREE and it never hurts to have a conversation!

Joe is “The Real Deal” and I strongly urge you to allow him to be your Guide!

Ron Desmond

Desmor Properties, LLC.

I've been around, for a while and I can tell you that in Joe Bodek you will find genuine value. I've made more progress in the last 60 days than in the prior 2 years. There is none like him in the business. Trust me, I've looked. 

Frank Carney

Review the programs below and be sure to contact us with any questions

Contact Wallace at 

Before you move on I'd like to give you a short description of each mentoring program for those of you that may be new to the business

Wholesaling: In this niche you will put  property under contract (usually low end) and flip that contract to a Cash buyer for an assignment fee.

Lease Options: In this niche you'll put the property under a lease option contract and either move ahead as a Sandwich Lease Option which will give you 3 paydays & create residual income or treat it as a Wholesale Lease Option and flip the contract to an end user.

Fix & Flip: In this niche you'll purchase the property, make repairs then sell the property to an end user.

Subject To: In this niche you'll get the deed to the property but the mortgage will remain in the name of the owner and you will take over the payments. This niche is also known as Contract For Deed.

Funding: In this niche you'll learn how to get cash for your own deals and how to lend cash to investors so they can do their deals.

The Ultimate Automated Lead Machine: In this niche you'll learn how to find, contact & work with the hundreds of thousands of Wholesalers out there to get their dead leads and turn them into cash deals. By far one of if not the best marketing methodology out there today.

All programs you purchase will come with one on one mentoring for 90 days. Our promise to you is to get you a property under contract within the 90 day period. If you do not get a property under contract within 90 days we will continue working with you until the job gets done.

After the 90 day period and you have gotten a property under contract and you wish to continue being mentored you will be charged $97.00 per month to continue to be mentored one-on-one which you can cancel at any time.

You will also receive access to the weekly evening Q & A Sessions where we'll answer all of your questions about the programs and deals you may be working.

Please fill out the Application and Wallace will contact you to find out if you would be a good fit for our programs.

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