Here are two fantastic software tools that I and my students have found to be worth every penny! Propstream offers a 7 day FREE look so check it out for FREE!

Primary benefits:

Locating on and off-market properties (distressed or not), Generating lead lists, Vetting properties, 

Assessing risk, Calculating feasibility, Calculating rehab costs, Appending contact information,

Marketing to prospective sellers and buyers, and much more!

PropStream Pro allows the user to combine any number of criteria and then extract lists of 
properties that meet an exact investment profile. We have nationwide coverage for the 

Pre-foreclosure, MLS properties, Bank owned, Cash buyers, Free and clear, High equity, Vacant properties

Non-owner occupied, Tax, IRS, HOA, and utility liens, Bankruptcy, Divorce, The list goes on!

Marketing Tools:

PropStream Pro contains several effective marketing tools. ou can deploy all of the marketing features listed below directly from 
within the application:

Address to e-mail appends, Address to landline and mobile number appends, Voicemail marketing (not voice broadcasting which is illegal), Property landing pages/websites, Postcards, Property specific-in-browser marketing, E-mail marketing

Check out the Propstream Webinar giving an amazing demonstration of how Prostream works!

Use the link below to get more information on the Automated REI and you can save 10%.

Here’s what this software can help you do? 

  • Automate 90% of your marketing

  • Get 30%-50% response rates

  • Cost Effective 

  • On demand lead generation

  • Nationwide data access

  • And Much More!

This software works great if you are a Lease Option Investor, wholesaler, rehabber, buy/hold investor or even an agent!

So, what do all real estate investors have in common..?

The need for leads! Not just anyone with a pulse, but people interested in selling you their property.

The number of leads you generate is directly related to your profits. So how can you ensure you always have the number of quality leads you need?

The answer is you must take a proactive approach to create new opportunities month-in and month-out. The good news is that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to achieve this.

My friend Eric Anderson at REIPrintMail he is go-to in the industry that will build you an entire marketing plan based on their nationwide campaign tracking (allowing you to get results fast, without slow and expensive testing) and do it all for FREE.

How does this work exactly..?

Every single one of Eric’s clients gets personal Direct Marketing Coaching (100% free) with the single goal of getting his clients deals!

  • You get a professional market analysis for every campaign

  • He will share the amount of mail marketing needed to get a deal (or any number of deals)

  • He has “the” most original library of marketing mailers in the business

  • Eric will share what lists to use and what lists to avoid

At the moment, His hottest piece of mail is called the “soft-offer check”. These mailers are imitation checks with your unique offer for each property enclosed. The response rates for these have been off the charts! Should you have an immediate need for leads, I strongly encourage you to use the soft-offer checks while they’re as effective as they are.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about how Eric can help, you can schedule a time for one on one coaching call.



To your success,


Make sure to tell Eric that Joe & Wallace sent you for discounts.