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Resume: Joseph Bodek

Bodek Enterprises, LLC. 





Charter Oaks Apartments
Lawrence Park Shopping Center
GarrettRoad Apartments
Balwynne Park Shopping Center
Jeanette Court Apartments
Golf Ranch
Long Lane Court Apartments
Joseph Court Apartments
Balwynne Park Apartments
Aldan Park Apartments 


Lawrence Park
Decker Square
Roberts Estates
Brookhaven Gardens 
Park City West
Colonial Park Estates
Colonial Park
Overbrook Park
Halcyon Farms
Aides Park
Westbrook Park

Linwood Gardens

Townhouses Of Cambridge
Bayview Meadows
Absecan Village 


163rd Street Shopping Center                                                             Longview Estates
Westburry Shopping Center
Oasis Plaza Shopping Center


  Principles: Joseph Bodek

                      Ralph Bodek


This resume reflects over 10,000 homes, 6 shopping centers and 2,000 apartment units built, sold, owned and managed.

1994 to date completed several hundred Creative Real Estate deals working principally with Sandwich Lease Options & Wholesaling.


Formed Real Estate Mentoring USA LLC 

Mentored Thousands Of Students in Creative Real Estate Since 2010!

Wallace Zhou Resume

I started real estate investing career in 2010 by first getting my license as a realtor and I have been a full time real estate investor since then.  My business includes pretty much all types of  commercial and residential deals, such as commercial wholesale, commercial lease options, multifamily apartments buy and hold along with any or all types of residential investing strategies like subject to, owner financing, lease options, wholesale, fix and flip along with hard money lending and rentals.


I have closed hundreds of deals personally along with closing deals with my students and closing deals with several of my partners over the past 10 years.


Before real estate investing I was a high school drop out , minimum wage earner since 2002 when I came to the US as an immigrant who couldn’t speak any English. I taught myself how read, write and speak English so I could get a job here.


Through investing I was able to make my 1st million after 2 years into real estate and then everything became easier from that point on but we still have to be consistent! 


My experience has taught me anything is possible as long as we decide to do it, so making a decision to become great is the very first step to success and the rest will follow! 

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