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In this business you have to be a transaction engineer.  That is the great thing about Joe's mentoring program.  With his 40+ years of experience I know that no matter what deal comes across my desk he will know how to handle it appropriately.  In order to be a successful real estate investor you must have a mentor.  I am glad that I found Joe and I am looking forward to making money together and learning from his vast knowledge.

Rhonda  FLA

 I found Joe’s course to be all steak. He doesn’t hold anything back and makes you accountable for your own results. He gives you the straight truth and doesn’t sugar coat things. His level of expertise in the real estate investing world is unquestioned but more importantly he genuinely wants his student to succeed and his no nonsense approach makes it all possible. If you are looking for a mentor that will take you from A-Z without leaving anything out while pushing you out of your comfort zone, Joe is your guy

 Thanks Joe for everything.”

 Chris Andrews

Pasadena, California

A few words from Marvin about Wallace

Hey, guys if you want to get involved in real estate and really dive in and learn, this is the program for you. Joe not only gives great advice but makes us accountable for our behaviors which is important because our behaviors are what lead to deals. Before this program, I did not even have the confidence to email anyone because I did not know what I was doing. Joe changed all that for me, he helped me gain the confidence and the accountability I needed to take action. He told me to keep pushing and now I have made connections with other wholesalers and relationships with cash buyers. 30 days before this I could not say that now I can, thanks to Joe's one on one mentoring program.

-Shanara Mack 

A few words from Chris

In the past I have purchased other real estate programs and tried mentoring from so call real estate experts.  I also paid a heavy amount for their courses and seminars.  I find that Joe Bodek is a coach that really cares that his students succeed.  His course is easy to understand and if you have any questions, Joe can either be reached by phone or email to have your questions answered. I suggest you sign up for Joe Bodeks courses.  

Paul Peters

Dean has worked with Wallace for a while

Hi Joe


This is Shawn from New Haven, CT this program is great, I have been trying to find a program like this for a long time where the mentor is there all the way through. Picks up when you call, answers emails right away he helped me over some a big part of real estate investing and that's fear of taking that first step, just do the basics and he'll help you with all the hard parts that come along during the process.



Shawn Reed

If you are just starting out and want to work directly with a seasoned investor,

or, if you have been in the business awhile & lost momentum, I strongly recommend

Joe’s Program. If you have a question, you can give him a call.  And yes, he does answer the phone.  Not some assistant or VA.  He also promptly answers emails.  He is also the only mentor I have ever seen or heard of that will actually get on the phone and talk to sellers for you.  Talk about a stress relief!

So, if you want to get on track to building your business, and need someone to hold you accountable, I highly recommend Joe’s  Program and Mentoring.

Thanks, Joe!

Lonnie P. – Brighton, Iowa

In the true style of all of Joseph Bodek's programs, Joe was his authentic self showing us tricks of the trade that have been gained with many years of experience. He held nothing back from us and taught us and encouraged us to step out of our comfort zones and do things that may not always be easy for us to do.  He held our feet to the fire when it was needed and always motivated us in a firm but kind way not making us wrong. 

Joe was always there for questions and always generous with his time and expertise. It is amazing to have such a hands on coach who you can talk to like a regular guy without a lot of fluff or pretense. It was truly a pleasure taking this course.


Gary Campanaro

The best part is Joe is always there to help you out along the way with any questions or concerns you have.  Unlike most of the other programs I have purchased with gurus and mentors that are impossible to reach, Joe actually responds to his student’s e-mails and phone calls in a very prompt manner.  His training provides a no BS approach, and he’s always there to give you a kick in the rear when you are making excuses or need some motivation.  If you are on the fence about whether to sign up for the Program, stop thinking and take action.  You won’t regret it!

Scott Plummer
York, PA 

Listen to what shawn has to say

Joe's program is the best mentoring  program going today. This is the only program I know of where you get the real guy. No passing me off to a phone operator. I have experience in Real estate, but i took a break from the business. Joe's program kept me accountable, focused, and driven to get back on the phones and making offers in real estate. I would recommend this mentoring program to anyone that is serious about getting going and making deals happen.

Sam R., Detroit

Joe was very patient and encouraging toward his students and he always looked for the best in all of us. Some students moved faster than others but Joe treated everyone equally. Joe is very down to earth and relatable and I would recommend his training to anyone who is looking for a real estate mentor. Once again thanks Joe for your wisdom and knowledge."


Lisa McCottry

Schenectady, New York

A few words from Charles

Joe Bodek's program was such a great step to building my business. Joe uses his 40+ years of real estate experience to help students at a level they are in.  I am a beginner and his knowledge, accessibility and accountability was instrumental in taking me to the next level.  He is available to his students to help guide and answer questions. I would recommend Joe Bodek's program to anyone at any level. 


`Dianna Gronda

I've always had and still do enjoy exchanging words and learning about Real Estate Investing from Joe. It seems to that I always learn something new every time we speak. It's refreshing and quite impression the depth Joe knows about the Real Estate Industry in general. As a student, I wouldn't want it any other way. Unlike the thousands of Guru out here that are advising people what to do without provide real content from real experience, Joe is definitely a DoRu. A doer and a Guru all in one. Thanks Joe for your depth of knowledge that you share to all of us everyday!


What Matt had to say about Joe

Matt Clema

You won't go wrong by working with Joe as your mentor. His willingness to get on the phone with you and speak to you "personally" is priceless. I searched for a long time to find someone like Joe. His material and methods are to the point, clearly written and easy to follow! Give him a call you won't regret it!

Tom Saccente

  Hi, again, I wanted to say "Thank you" for doing Real Estate Investing Coaching. As a coach, you have great ways of making things simple. 

You always get back to me promptly. You brings great knowledge and true value to real estate coaching. 

 Ty S.

 ps. If you are looking to get connected with your Real Estate Investing Education and Coaching.  I highly recommend Joe Bodek.

Hear what Harry has to say!

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